About Amanda Papenfus

I am an Independent Team Beachbody Coach, writer, and army wife currently living in Germany with my husband and two dogs. I strive to have an active lifestyle where fitness is an investment I make because I enjoy it, and I want to help others to do the same. I keep a fitness blog on this site which will feature my fitness journey, my coaching experience, and articles on fitness. I also have a coach page on Facebook where I post frequent motivational quotes, links to fitness and health articles and blog posts of interest, and more. I also keep a blog called Overseas Adventures where I share my experiences living in Germany. In addition to blogging, I write fiction and poetry. You can access more of my work and keep updated about upcoming publications on my writer page on Facebook.


2 thoughts on “About Amanda Papenfus”

  1. Felicia said:

    Well Amanda I hope you keep updating this page. I am a Maine wife going to Germany this summer. I am an active runner and have two kids and a large American bulldog. This will be my first time over seas so it would be nice to have someone to chat with once in a while. I did insanity last summer after I had my last baby but only made it three weeks lol. I guess now is a better time as any. Take care

    • I have been updating it but had to move it to my own domain because WordPress had restrictions on what I could link to. The new location is investinginfitness.com and has the same posts (plus new ones). I plan to keep updating it even after I finish Insanity although I will probably do it closer to weekly rather than daily. This was my first time as well and I really like it so far. Feel free to email me at investinginfitness(at)gmail(dot).com and/or add me on FB if you’d like to keep in touch. If you are active I think you will like Germany. At least around here there are many active people and it’s common to see people walking and biking (I haven’t seen running so much out on the economy but I’m sure people do). If you ever get to Heidelberg we have something called the Philosophenweg (Philosopher’s Walk) where you climb a steep hillside and there is a trail above the city where people walk, jog, and run you might like. You might even be able to walk up with your children. Part of what got me back in to Insanity was that I walked up it with my husband and was out of breath while there was a kid maybe five years old doing it with no problem lol. I only made it three weeks without skipping my first time through and only through the first month before stopping but I only have a week left this time. You can do it if you want to 🙂

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